Rent Payments

How can you pay your rent?

Tenants have several options to pay their rent, leaving no excuse for late payments.

  •     Cash, Eftpos or Credit card by visiting our office (please note a 1.65% surcharge applies for credit card payments)
  •     Internet Banking through your chosen financial institution
  •     Direct debit from your nominated bank account, we will supply you with our account details & your unique reference code to arrange an automatic transfer.
  •     Centrepay (direct from centerlink payments)
  •     Direct from your employer to us (if your employer offers this option)

It is vital ALL payments made are identified by your unique reference code provided to you by our staff, If you fail to include this number with your payments we will be unable to identify who they belong to & this could cause you to fall into arrears. 

It is the tenants responsibility to keep & provide receipts for ALL payments made should they have a discrepancy with their rental ledger/record